How to read the Hebrew

Israel’s top newspaper has published an article to educate the public on Hebrew.

The Jerusalem Post is the official Hebrew-language daily of Israel.

The article, entitled How to Read the Hebrew, was published in Hebrew on Friday.

“This article, and the previous one, which were published a couple of months ago, were aimed at teaching the Hebrew language to the public, to promote it as a language and culture,” said Jerusalem Post Editor-in-Chief Ben-Ari Cohen in a statement.

“We wanted to help the public understand how to use Hebrew and how to get the word ‘hebrew’ into the vocabulary of every student, and that was our intention,” Cohen added.

The post is the first time the paper has published Hebrew articles in Hebrew, and is in keeping with a trend among the country’s major newspapers to publish Hebrew articles.

The new Hebrew article has been a subject of debate among Israel’s media establishment.

Critics say it is biased and is disrespectful to the Hebrew culture.

But the Jerusalem Post argues that the Hebrew-only article is meant to help students learn Hebrew, while maintaining a respectful stance towards other languages.

“There is a growing need for Hebrew, not only in schools but in the world at large.

It is a language that can be used to make sense of the world,” the Post wrote.”

The Hebrew-speaking world is also growing and it is essential to help create a new generation of Hebrew-speakers,” the article continued.

“The Hebrew language is the language of the future.

The Hebrew language, and in particular Hebrew, is being threatened by globalisation.”‘

Hebrew is the world’s most widely spoken language’The Hebrew article, published on Friday, was part of a campaign that the Jerusalem Times launched to promote Hebrew as the language that Israelis will use in the future and help them learn Hebrew.

“Hebrew was the most widely used language in Israel in the 1920s and 1930s, and it has been the language for more than 100 years.

It’s time for us to give Hebrew a chance.

The world needs Hebrew.

There are no other languages,” the newspaper wrote.

“Hebrew has become the world-wide language of Israel, and we want to help people learn Hebrew in their daily lives.”

The Jerusalem Times is Israel’s largest daily newspaper.

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