What happens when you Google ‘nuclear weapons’?

U.S. and Israeli officials have begun to discuss how the Trump administration could use Google’s artificial intelligence platform to combat what U.N. officials have called the “nuclear weapon threat” in Iraq and Syria.

Google’s new efforts could help make the world’s biggest search engine more inclusive, according to people familiar with the discussions.

Google would be able to analyze millions of web pages in Iraq to pinpoint what’s going on in Syria and Syria-related news sites in the United States and elsewhere.

Google has been in talks with Iraqi officials and other U.K. allies for months about how to handle the fallout from the Trump Administration’s nuclear deal with Iran.

The U.C.I. has said it has no plans to abandon the search engine, despite a number of major Internet companies and other technology companies announcing that they are considering pulling out of Iraq, citing the Iranian nuclear deal.

Google, which is based in Mountain View, Calif., is currently one of the few tech companies in the world to continue operating in Iraq.

Google announced that it was building a new headquarters in Baghdad last month, while Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are also considering moving to the country.

Iraqi officials are not happy with Google’s plans.

“They’re trying to go into Iraq and steal the country, and we don’t like that,” said Abu Bakr al-Mousawi, the country’s top official in charge of national security and security matters.

“We don’t want them to come and interfere in our affairs.”

The Obama Administration, along with Google and other tech companies, are pushing the U.R.N.’s World Food Program and other humanitarian aid groups to increase their access to the internet.

Google and Facebook and other Internet companies are working to get the U

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