Obama: I am the President who has to lead

President Obama says he’s the President with the power to fix our broken health care system and to deliver health care coverage to the American people.

But the reality is that we still have many more steps to take, and that’s the big challenge we have right now.

In his weekly address, President Obama laid out a plan to create an American Health Security Plan that includes creating more affordable health insurance for the millions of Americans who need it.

The president said he would make the program fully available to all Americans, regardless of income.

“I know that for millions of hardworking Americans, the Affordable Care Act will provide them with the insurance they need and the coverage that they deserve,” Obama said.

Obama’s proposal includes allowing young people to stay on their parents’ plans until age 26 and extending the same protections to adults.

He also says he would allow children to stay in school until they turn 21.

President Obama talks to reporters in the Roosevelt Room at the White House on Wednesday.

He says the Affordable Health Care Act is a good deal.

Obama’s plan is a new and innovative way to ensure that our health care is affordable for the American families who need care the most, he said.

The new plan would help provide health insurance coverage to millions of people in the U.S. and to millions more overseas, including millions of the middle class who need health care services that do not come from the government.

I have pledged to continue to make these changes as I have for many years.” “

The ACA has changed the way we live, the way our economy works, the world looks at us, the American health care marketplace is a thriving place.

I have pledged to continue to make these changes as I have for many years.”

Obama also said he will continue to invest in research and innovation, including in the use of nanotechnology.

He said he’s already working with Silicon Valley companies to develop nanotechnology that could be used to help prevent or treat diseases.

He also promised to work to create a new tax credit that would allow low-income families to receive insurance that includes coverage for health care, dental care and prescription drugs.

But the President says he wants to make sure that the health care industry can still grow and thrive.

Obama is working to pass legislation that would create an emergency financial stabilization fund that would help companies and individuals in the health insurance industry survive if the health law is repealed.

In his weekly press conference, the President also said that if Congress does not act to keep the health system up and running, he would propose new rules to prevent insurers from making excessive premium increases.

“If Congress does nothing, the insurance companies will go bankrupt.

We can do nothing to stop them.

So we’re going to create another emergency financial stability fund that will allow insurance companies to pay for their premiums, and so they won’t go bankrupt,” he said during the daily White House briefing.

Obama said he was looking forward to working with Congress to pass an extension of the payroll tax cut, a measure that would give millions of low- and middle-income Americans a tax cut.

The president said that the administration is committed to making sure that our country remains a magnet for talent, and the White of the House welcomes the new administration’s plans to make our economy stronger.

Obama also has a long list of other initiatives to create jobs and strengthen the middleclass, including a tax credit for childcare, an extension to overtime pay, and an increase in the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

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