How to beat the flu in the South West

AROBOR: A small town in the Adelaide Hills, where residents say they have seen the flu come and go, is one of the most difficult places to live with the flu, with many having to be isolated.

The town of Cootamundra has experienced a significant spike in cases, with people reporting coughing, runny nose and stomach pain.

Here are some of the things to do when you feel ill.

Where to stay When to stay: Cootamsundra residents say their home is one reason for the sudden spike in flu cases, as they are not close to the city centre and can be exposed to the virus while staying at home.

While people have reported coughs and wheezing, there is no evidence that the virus is making its way through their body.

Residents have reported having to use the bathroom frequently and going to the toilet after using the toilet or washing their face.

What to do if you have the flu: Residents have had to use emergency rooms at the local hospital twice because of the spread of the virus.

There is no vaccination for the virus, so residents have been advised to get a vaccine from a doctor before they get the flu shot.

Some have been told to go to the hospital with their flu shots.

Where not to go: There is not much to do at home as the virus has not been detected in Cootambra, although some have reported feeling unwell when they are outside.

People have also been advised not to leave their cars unattended and to check their vehicles before leaving them.

If you do leave a car unattended, don’t park in the middle of the road and wait for it to clear.

How to get vaccinated: Residents should start the vaccination on the first day of school on March 4, with vaccination being administered on the following days.

There are two types of flu vaccine available, the influenza A vaccine (also known as a shot) and the influenza B vaccine.

It is recommended that all residents receive the flu vaccine by the first week of school.

People who are already vaccinated can be given the vaccine by a pharmacist and have to return to the community on the second day of the school year.

It should be noted that people who are not vaccinated can still get vaccinated by attending the Cootaman Medical Centre in Cottesloe or by going to a community pharmacy.

How do you get vaccinated?

How do people get vaccinated in Cootsundra?

People who have received the influenza vaccine can take it at home or at a pharmacy.

If they are aged 18 and over, they must also be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Parents should check with their children about their vaccine schedule.

What is a flu shot?

A flu shot is a shot given in the form of a nasal spray that contains a small droplet of the flu virus.

The flu vaccine is a nasal shot that contains the flu viruses RNA and protein.

It contains two shots: a booster shot and a flu vaccine.

The booster shot is administered once a day, and is usually given between the ages of six and nine months.

People can have two doses of the booster shot: the first dose is given twice a day and the second dose is taken once a week.

There can be two doses per person.

The two doses are given at the same time, and are taken in separate vials.

How many people can get vaccinated before the end of the year?

People can get a flu vaccination within two weeks of starting the vaccine.

However, there are a number of different routes to get the vaccine, including at a health centre, at home and by mail order.

Where are all the vaccine vials?

There are around 400,000 vials of the influenza shot available to those who have had the flu.

The vials are delivered to residents in Copsundra by health centres, pharmacies and health workers.

The health centre and pharmacy that provides the vaccine can only deliver vials to residents if they are enrolled in a flu jab programme.

The other route is by mail.

How long is the vaccine effective?

People in the general population will have an effective shot of the vaccine within a month.

People with a family history of influenza who are vaccinated before they reach the age of 18 will have a stronger shot, with an effective dose of around four weeks after starting the jab.

There will also be a higher chance of a response to the vaccine if a person has had a cold or flu within the previous six months.

How does the vaccine work?

The vaccine consists of two shots, one in the nose and one in a shot administered through a tube into the mouth.

Both shots contain the influenza virus RNA and proteins.

It takes about 24 hours for the two doses to be administered to people who have been vaccinated.

The shots are administered by a healthcare worker or pharmacist who will make sure the person has a flu immunisation record.

If a person does not have a flu immunity record, then they will need to get an immunisation certificate from the C

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