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from The Next Media article A lot of people know that Georgia’s largest newspaper, the Greenville News, is owned by the same paper that owns the Green Valley Times, the newspaper that publishes the Green County Times.

The Greenville Times is a major Georgia news outlet, so the relationship is important to a lot of Georgians.

Greenville’s Greenville Sentinel has been owned by a paper that publishes The Green Valley News for years, and the Greenburg News recently bought The Green Country News.

The two papers are closely aligned with one another, and have been for decades.

The Georgia Press Association, which represents the state’s newspapers, says that it supports the merger of the two papers and that the merger is in the best interests of Georgia’s newspapers.

The issue of the Greenvillens newspaper’s ownership is one that has been contentious for years.

The newspaper has had multiple owners in recent years, but the last owner to be in the fold was the Green Country Journal owner in 2008, when the Green Village Times moved to Georgia.

That was in the midst of a financial crisis.

Since then, a new owner has been added to the newspaper, which now includes the Green Town Express, the state paper of Greenville.

The Gazette of Greenvillen has a long history of being a paper for the community, and many Georgians have argued that the paper is not serving its community well.

In fact, Greenville resident David Harris has a history of suing the GreenTown Express over coverage of his town.

Harris is suing the newspaper over a 2010 story about the Greenland Trail, which he claims the paper misreported as a national park.

He is suing for defamation and libel, and is asking for more than $10 million in damages.

The lawsuit says that The Greenvillans paper published false information and that The Gazette has “failed to take adequate measures to protect the public from inaccurate and misleading statements and publications about the trail.”

The lawsuit has been filed in Greenville County Circuit Court.

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