How to stop being a coward and a bully

It’s not every day that a bully beats the crap out of you, and that’s exactly what happened when the bully was a boy.

The man had been playing with a small boy and was upset about the boy’s behaviour.

He then punched the boy in the face and took the boy to hospital.

But it was all in the act of a game.

The boy had been hitting on a girl at a local pub in York, New York when he was punched in the mouth.

The punch was a real accident, as the boy had punched the girl on purpose, not out of a love affair.

He was crying and pleading with the woman to stop hitting him, to stop making him feel so bad, but she wouldn’t listen.

When the boy came to, he realised the damage had been done.

The boy, who was traumatised by the incident, told his parents he was sorry.

The woman, who had been bullying him, was furious and said she was going to kill the boy.

But the boy was strong and defiant, and refused to go down quietly.

He told his father that he had to stop the bullying, and the father got him into a fight with his son.

The man was convicted of aggravated assault, and spent nine years in jail.

But in 2013 he was pardoned and given a three-year conditional discharge.

Now, a year later, the man’s story is back in the headlines, and it’s a tale of how one man’s fight against bullying can help other people.

The father of the man who was attacked told ABC News the story is a classic example of a man’s resilience overcoming adversity.

“I think one of the things that we can learn from this is that no matter what kind of adversity you’ve been through, that’s something that you have to live with,” he said.

“And it can be incredibly difficult to do.”

And he was right.

The story of the boy who was punched by a man at a pub in 2016 is a case study of what it means to be resilient.

And the story of that man, John, has made him an inspiration to many people.

“One of the main lessons that I learned as a child was to stand up for myself and stand up against bullies,” John told ABC Radio New Zealand.

“If you don’t stand up and do that you’re not going to stand a chance.”

John’s father, Paul, says John’s story reminds us that people who get beaten up can’t be intimidated.

“When they’re beaten up, they don’t feel safe, they’re afraid, they’ve lost a lot of confidence in themselves, and they need to stand strong and say something, and I think that’s a very important lesson for us,” he explained.

“Because if you’re a bully, and you feel that you can’t go on because you’re afraid or scared or that you don and you’re alone, then it’s not going away.”

John is an inspiration for the boys and girls in his community to stand with each other and say ‘no’ to bullying, because if they do, they can be a positive influence.

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