Why does the world hate Australia?

The world has long been an easy target for Australia’s media, with its vast population and cultural diversity.

However, the country’s media have become increasingly influential in Australia’s global politics.

The Fairfax Media is Australia’s biggest newspaper, and has a massive following on social media.

Fairfax is also the biggest national newspaper in the world, with an audience of some three billion people.

And the ABC is a powerful broadcaster in Australia, with almost half of all Australians watching its content on a daily basis.

The Murdoch family, which owns the ABC and owns the Sydney Morning Herald, owns a large stake in the Fairfax Media.

They are also among the wealthiest people in the country, with a combined fortune of $7.5 billion.

The news organisation is also closely linked to the government, with prime minister Malcolm Turnbull holding a seat in the upper house of parliament and the chairman of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation, Mark Scott, a cabinet minister.

The media in Australia are a powerful political force in the nation.

Their influence is increasingly being reflected in government policy.

But what makes Australia so powerful in this world?

The country is a major producer of raw materials, including coal, iron ore and gold.

But its most important resource is the water that flows through its arid, arid-coast coastline.

These resources are important for Australia because they feed a country that is also a major importer of goods from other parts of the world.

Australia is one of the largest producers of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the global economy, according to the OECD.

The OECD defines FDI as “the financing of goods and services with a view to the furtherance of an industrial, commercial or cultural relationship.”

In other words, it involves foreign investors investing in Australian businesses.

Australia’s trade with the United States is worth $US2.5 trillion ($3.6 trillion) a year, and the country has become the world’s largest exporter of coal and iron ore.

And coal exports have grown steadily since 2008, thanks to a boom in domestic demand.

Australia has become a major exporter to the United Kingdom, and also China.

It also has significant trade with Brazil, Mexico and Russia.

Australia, like the rest of the global supply chain, is affected by the impact of globalisation.

It has been a major beneficiary of the migration and trade agreements between the United Nations and China.

These agreements have helped drive up Australia’s manufacturing sector, and it has also benefited from the rise of China as a major economic power.

Australia and the world are becoming increasingly interconnected.

The world economy has become more globalised, and more interconnected.

But the world has also become more reliant on the United State, and Australian trade with Australia is growing more slowly.

The economic boom is now slowing down, but the government has made some good policies to help Australia cope.

Australia remains a small country with an ageing population, and its exports are mostly made up of goods that are exported overseas.

Australia imports more goods from China than any other country.

The government also spends much less money on social security and welfare.

In particular, the government cuts taxes on low and middle earners.

Australia does have some other strong economic levers in its toolkit, including strong export markets and a large number of trade deals with China.

However the biggest problem facing Australia in the current economic climate is a lack of public support.

Labor is the dominant party in the lower house of Parliament and has the largest number of seats in the Senate.

The Coalition has only a handful of MPs, and is often viewed as a minority government.

The Labor party’s position on Australia’s relationship with China has been consistently critical, with the former prime minister Julia Gillard opposing any deal with Beijing.

The Liberal Party is also opposed to any deal, although its support has dropped significantly since its highpoint in 2013, when the government negotiated a $US500 million deal with China to build a dam.

The United States has also been a strong supporter of Australia, particularly in the wake of China’s annexation of Taiwan in 1979.

Australia was also instrumental in securing the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a free trade agreement between the US, Canada, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates and Australia.

The deal, signed in 1993, has seen the US and Canada join forces to tackle trade barriers in North America.

However it has not been without its critics.

In 2006, the Australian Labor Party, led by Tony Abbott, attempted to derail the deal with the Chinese by calling for the withdrawal of Australia’s participation.

In 2010, the Abbott government made it a priority to block any trade agreement with the US.

But in 2016, when former US President Donald Trump was elected president, the new administration did the right thing.

It announced that it would withdraw from the deal, which was signed by both countries.

The agreement was due to expire in 2021.

The Australian Government was keen to keep the deal.

But it had to contend

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