How to correctly identify a Syracuse newspaper name

PITTsburgh, OH – The first thing to know is that if you see the word “Syracuse” in the name of a local newspaper, it’s probably a fake name.

That’s because there are several fake names out there, and they’re all pretty close in appearance to the real name.

But sometimes it can be pretty confusing, because the names are different, but they’re very similar in the way they sound and look.

In this article, we’ll walk you through the process of identifying a Syracuse publication name.

So you may already know that Syracuse newspapers don’t have a paper name, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t ask around.

Here’s a list of the real names you should be looking for: Pittsburgh: The Pittsport Gazette (formerly The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review). 

Tuscaloosa: the Toledo Star. 

Cincinnati: Bengals Nation. 

Memphis: Memo’s Magazine. 

Indianapolis: Majestic City. 

Louisville: L.A. Weekly. 

Washington DC: New Yorker. 

Philadelphia: Philadelphia Weekly.

Charleston, SC: Charleston County Times. 

Atlanta: News and Record. 

Detroit: Detroit News. 

Baltimore: Baltimore Sun. 

Pittsburg, PA: Pawtucket Red Sox. 

Tampa Bay: Tampax. 

Kansas City: Kansas Star.

Los Angeles: Los Angeles Times. New York: GQ. 

Los Gatos, CA: Crave.

Miami: ESPN. 

San Francisco: Bay Area News Group.

Washington DC: USAToday. 

Columbus, OH: Columbia Dispatch. 

Seattle: Daily Seattle Times.

Houston: Texas Tribune.

Atlanta: WSB.

Chicago: Chicago Tribune.

Philadelphia: N.J. Daily News.

New Orleans: La Familia.

Cleveland: Chronicle.

Atlanta, GA: Southwest Ohio Media Group. 

Milwaukee: Milwaukie Tribune. 

Denver: Fox 25. 

Salt Lake City: The Salt Lake Tribune.

Portland, OR: Oregonian. 

Dallas: KUTV. 

Phoenix: Star News.

Seattle: Seattle Times.

Seattle Times – West.

Phoenix, AZ: USA Today.

Denver: ABC7.

Miami – Fort Lauderdale. 

Houston: US News.

San Antonio: TexAgs. 

Vancouver: Vancity Buzz.

San Francisco: The Bee.

Chicago Sun Times: The Chicago Tribune.

Washington, DC: Associated Press.

New Jersey: 

Oklahoma City: NewsOK. 

Fort Worth: Dallas Morning News.

Sacramento: Sacramento Bee.

Las Vegas: Las Vegas Review-Journal. 

Colorado Springs: Desert Sun.

Milwaukee: Metro.

Kansas City: Kansas City Star.

San Diego: San Diego Union-Tribune.

Atlanta – The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

Washington D.C.: The Washington Post.

Denver Post: DEN. 

New York: The New York Times. Portland: Portlandia.

Philadelphia Inquirer: Huffington Post.

Chicago Tribune: Sun-Times. 

Miami Herald: Associated Press.

San Jose Mercury News: NBC News.

Washington Times: Washington Post. 

Ann Arbor, MI: Columbine, OH and Akron, OH are the two most commonly used papers in Ohio, but you can also find a lot of different papers in other parts of the country. 

It’s a good idea to search for a paper you know, but don’t necessarily assume you’re looking for it because of its name.

If it’s not listed on any of the websites above, check out the names listed on each of these sites: Syrack: American Eagle. 

Snyder: National Collegiate Athletic Association. 

Schwab: College Sports Today. 

Petersburg: Southern Ohio Sports Media. 

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