The latest headlines from the 2016 presidential election

By MICHAEL RADDATZ, Associated PressPresident-elect Donald Trump has nominated Sen. Jeff Sessions as his attorney general, making him the first sitting Republican in more than a decade to win confirmation.

Sessions was confirmed in a 51-48 vote.

Trump said during the confirmation hearing that he will seek to uphold the laws of the United States and to ensure that “law and order is restored to our country.”

Sessions, a Republican, has said the Justice Department will pursue “any criminal prosecution of those responsible for the violent crime that occurred in Las Vegas on Sunday, Oct. 1.”

Saskatchewan Conservative Party chair David Swann, who was among a group of senators who spoke to Trump on Friday, told reporters after the Senate hearing that Sessions will be the best person to lead the Justice and Homeland Security departments.

Swann said Sessions has “the most extensive and extensive background of any nominee I’ve seen in decades.”

Saunders’ nomination was approved by a Senate committee with the backing of several Republicans and Democrats.

The Senate Judiciary Committee approved the nomination Thursday.

Sessions was confirmed by the Senate on Jan. 31, 2017.

Saskatoon lawyer Mike Dworkin said Sessions is “someone who has served the United State in both the federal and state government.”

Dworkin, who served as assistant attorney general in the George W. Bush administration, said the U.S. needs a “responsible, strong, and principled attorney general” to “make sure that law and order prevails.”

Dreyer said the nomination “is not just a good pick for the president, but for our nation.”

“It is also the best pick for my party,” he said.

Saddam Hussein, the former Iraqi president, was one of the top donors to the Republican National Committee, which has funded many of Trump’s presidential campaigns and has a strong relationship with Trump’s campaign.

The Senate Judiciary committee’s action to approve Sessions was the latest sign that the committee will be willing to block Trump’s nomination.

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