How the Italian media reacted to Mario Balotelli’s transfer from Juventus

Football Italians are already used to the “in-house” approach, with the country’s newspapers reporting on their own properties without a single mention of the club.

However, the way the Italian press reacted to the arrival of Balotellis Juventus signing showed a level of cynicism that is becoming more common.

The Daily Star, the flagship newspaper of the nation, made the announcement of Balots arrival with the headline: “Balotelli joins Juventus”.

The Sun, which was once the flagship of the country and is still the best selling paper in the country, published an editorial that stated: “This is the first step in a process that will not only be painful for Juventus but for the country as a whole.

Juventus cannot afford to let Balotello go.

He has already made a very big contribution to the team.”

The Sun’s editorial, published on Thursday, has the same message for the Italian football media: “Mario Balotella is a good addition to Juventus but he will be sold.”

The editorial in question was written by Giovanni Agostini, who is the managing editor of La Repubblica.

In the same editorial, he writes: “As an Italian, I understand that the transfer fee for Balotli was €100 million and he will not be sold.

But the fact that the Bianconeri are willing to pay this much does not mean that Baloteli has anything to offer.”

Balotella’s arrival has already been widely criticized.

According to the BBC, the news agency also reported that the €100m fee was negotiated by the club with the agent of Balota and not Balotisa, the agent who had signed him.

The newspaper did not make the same accusation about the fee Baloti would cost.

The deal is reported to have been agreed in principle by the agent and Balotiletti, with an initial contract expected to be signed in January.

This is not the first time the news outlet has published the views of journalists.

Last year, the Italian edition of El Pais printed a front page with a headline that read: “A year in the life of a footballer”.

In an interview with the broadcaster, the journalist said that the story was not meant to be a criticism but to help readers to understand what it was like to work for a professional team.

He added that the newspaper is not biased and has not made any personal remarks.

The Italian newspaper also claimed that Balota was a good player and that he was not a bad signing for the Biancocelesti, who were looking for a left-back.

However the Italian newspaper did acknowledge that the signing of Balotta was not the only big move that had taken place in the transfer market this year, adding that other signings like Mario Balocchi, Stefano Sturaro and Leonardo Bonucci were also made.

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