Mcpherd’s bust comes after corruption charges

In Washington, the nation’s capital, federal prosecutors charged a former senior intelligence official with racketeering, money laundering and conspiracy in a multimillion-dollar corruption scheme involving dozens of senior U.S. government officials.

The indictment unsealed on Monday accused former director of national intelligence James R. Clapper Jr. of directing a multimillions-dollar scheme to launder money and to hide documents.

The scheme was to provide intelligence to a foreign government, a senior official told U.N. investigators.

The case, one of the biggest ever against a U.s. official, is the first of its kind in the U.f. and it comes after the government said earlier this month it had closed an investigation into Clapper.

Clapper’s lawyer did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The charges, which were filed by the Justice Department’s criminal division and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, come amid an ongoing probe into how the United States government obtained the information it sought from the intelligence community and whether that intelligence was used in an improper manner.

The FBI, which has been investigating the matter, declined to comment.


S, Russia and China, three countries with which the U: Russia has a special relationship, have been the focus of an inquiry into Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election and possible links between associates of President Donald Trump and Russian officials.

Clappers case comes as the president of the U.: Russia Council, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and the Russian Ambassador to the United Nations, Anatoly Antonov, have visited Washington, D.C., in recent months, as has U.K. Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, who has been leading the charge against Russia.

The U.n.

Security Council voted on Tuesday to send a resolution to the U.-N.

General Assembly calling for an end to the Russian occupation of Ukraine and for its immediate and unconditional withdrawal from the Minsk II peace deal.

The resolution will also call on all parties to end the killing of civilians by the Ukrainian military in eastern Ukraine.

The president’s office has called the case a “very serious case of corruption” and said it was investigating all the elements of the indictment, including the alleged conspiracy, the payment of kickbacks and bribes to intelligence officials, including Clapper, for providing information to the government.

The investigation is part of a wider probe into Russian meddling in the United Kingdom and other countries and will be led by special prosecutor Matthew R. Richerson, the White House said.

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