What’s happening to Canada’s new prime minister?

The new Conservative government announced Tuesday that it has appointed a former top aide to the former Conservative government’s leader to be the country’s first woman leader.

The appointment of Sarah McLeod-Gupta, a lawyer who had worked as deputy chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, was a surprise.

McLeod-Sgt. Grace MacLeod had been Harper’s chief of public affairs and communications until June when she was replaced by Michael Chong, who is now the party’s candidate for mayor of Montreal.

MacLeod-Gottas appointment comes amid a flurry of recent appointments to prominent positions in the Harper government, including former communications minister Markham Bob Rae, chief of the Cabinet Committee on Foreign Affairs, and deputy chief strategist to the prime minister.

“I am pleased to announce that Sarah McLean-Guptas appointment as Canada’s first female Prime Minister has been confirmed by the Conservative Party of Canada,” Conservative Party president and chief strategist Andrew Scheer said in a statement.

“She will be a strong voice for women in politics and is a proven leader who will build a strong team to move our country forward.”

McLeod has been a top aide in the Conservative caucus for more than a decade, most recently working on the federal party’s 2016 election campaign.

McLean-Guthas’ appointment is a sign that Harper’s government has more people on its side than ever before.

“There is no greater signal of Canada’s progress than the fact that Sarah has been tapped as Canada

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