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Posted February 12, 2019 12:23:14The NHL’s decision to scrap its annual March 10 game between the Minnesota Wild and Winnipeg Jets in favour of a special one-day road trip to Nashville, Tennessee is not surprising.

But it’s not the only reason.

It’s not just the fact that it was only played on a Friday and a Sunday and had a limited capacity of just 11,000.

Nor is it the fact there was a delay of about an hour after a game started that kept the game in a venue with a capacity of about 12,000, and that the Jets were forced to play their home games in Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena.

Or the fact the game was postponed by two games because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But what about the fans who actually attended the game?

The most notable part of the decision was that the game will be played on the same day as the NHL’s All-Star weekend in Toronto.

That means that those fans who could have attended the Jets game on Friday night but didn’t because of travel arrangements or other issues are still getting to see it on Friday morning.

What’s more, those fans can still watch it on TV from home, and they can watch the game on their phones.

The NHL is taking that opportunity to showcase its efforts to make fans’ lives easier.

And it’s working.

In fact, it’s so successful that the league’s official site has been able to keep the game running in Toronto, with the exception of a few games.

The game’s official Twitter account tweeted that the next game between Winnipeg and Minnesota will be on Friday, February 13.

So what’s the problem?

The issue is a couple of factors.

First, the Wild played on Saturday, March 5.

And it’s a fairly typical weekend for games between the teams.

It’s the first day of the regular season and the first of the home-and-home series, which means the games will usually start at 11 a.m.


And those are often played at the same time on the East Coast as on the West Coast.

The teams will also be playing at a neutral site, which has been a boon for fans who prefer the home teams to be in their own markets rather than the other way around.

That could be a disadvantage, given that the Minnesota and Winnipeg fans will be far away from their own arenas.

Second, the NHL decided to play two games on the road, rather than two on one night, which can be an advantage when the teams are both home.

The league said that was an issue because the schedule could have been expanded to include two games in one day and that would have increased the amount of time fans could be able to watch the games.

However, the decision to postpone the game caused many people to cancel their plans to attend.

And when those fans returned home on Friday afternoon, they didn’t get the chance to watch any games.

The NHL has been working hard to make its schedule more flexible, which is part of its strategy to make the league more appealing to fans.

The team said last week that it will start using a different day to host games in the future, but this was the first time that the NHL had said it would be moving the game to a different night.

The Wild and Jets have had their fair share of ups and downs.

They’ve been playing games at their own facilities in the past.

The teams won the Presidents’ Trophy in 2008 and 2012, respectively, after finishing in the top four in the Central Division.

But both teams have struggled during their recent playoff runs.

The Jets have gone 3-6-1 in their past 12 games, while the Wild are 3-2-0, which would be their lowest win percentage in the regular seasons since 1993-94.

And both teams play in a weak division with the NHL not offering them a playoff berth.

But both teams’ problems are in large part a result of the way they play, and the fact they are playing a tough series against a team that’s coming off a disappointing 5-3-0 start.

The only other team to beat the Wild this season is the Dallas Stars, who won seven of their first nine games against Winnipeg.

The two teams face each other again this weekend in St. Louis.

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