Which Philippine newspaper is most trusted?

PHILIPPINE newspapers were not trusted to be fair, trustworthy or reliable in their reporting, according to the latest survey conducted by the Inquirer and the Philippine Daily Inquirel to mark the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the country’s first independent newspaper.

The Inquirers annual survey of the public’s trustworthiness said the Philippine National Police (PNP) and the Philippines Newspaper Association (PNPA) were the two most trusted media in the country.

The PNP was also the most trusted in its handling of corruption allegations, according the survey, which was conducted by The Times of London, a British newspaper.

Philippine newspapers were also seen as reliable by those who said they trust the PNP more, but not by those in the public sector, according Tojo S. Díaz, director of the Inquires’ journalism school at the Philippine Institute of Information Studies (PISA).

The survey, conducted from February 9-19, found that the percentage of people who trust the Philippine government, which controls all public agencies, has decreased over the past four years.

The percentage of the population who said the PNA and PPA are trustworthy fell from 43% to 40%.

The percentage who trust PNP over PNPA fell from 56% to 56%.

The Inquires survey found that 62% of Filipinos say they trust newspapers to be honest and trustworthy.

Only 24% say they are trusted by the public.

Twenty-four percent said they trusted PNP and PNA.

Twenty percent said their trust in PNP dropped in the last year.

The survey showed that a majority of Filipinas (53%) say they do not trust the media at all.

Only 22% said they do trust newspapers.

The poll also found that Filipinos believe that the PNPA is the most reliable news agency in the world.

A quarter of respondents said they believe the PNNP is the only news agency with reliable sources.

The percentage of Filipins who say they would not trust a PNP source to report on a public issue (32%) was similar to the percentage who said this of the PNSA (29%).

The survey also found a large percentage of respondents who said that newspapers should be trusted for the truth and fairness in their coverage of issues like corruption, drugs, drugs trafficking and political scandals.

Nineteen percent of respondents disagreed with this statement, and 21% said that they did not know.

Thirty-five percent of Filipinos say that news organizations should report the truth in their reports and 21 percent said that news media should be independent and objective.

The public is divided on how to deal with the countryís drug crisis, with 44% saying that the drug crisis should be handled by the government, 15% saying the government should deal with it, and 17% saying it should be left to the people.

The Philippines is experiencing its worst drug epidemic since the 1990s.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there are now 2.6 million drug users in the Philippines, and 4,000 deaths each day.

The current government, led by President Rodrigo Duterte, has been blamed for the drug problem, saying it is a result of the government’s drug war.

Duterte has been under intense criticism for his brutal anti-drug campaign, which has seen more than 2,000 people killed and hundreds of thousands detained in police raids and raids on drug users.DUTERTE’S POLICY IS MORE POLICIESThe Philippine president has been a strong supporter of the drug war, but Duterte has also come under heavy criticism for cracking down on dissent and human rights.

The latest poll showed that 52% of respondents thought Duterte’s policies were not “proper” and 52% said he had failed to uphold human rights during his time in office.

The new poll, however, also showed that Filipinas trust Duterte more for handling corruption allegations.

Fifty-four% said the corruption allegations were not a serious problem in the government.

The countrys biggest newspaper, The Philippine Star, was also viewed as trustworthy by Filipinos.

The newspaper, which is owned by the Philippine Newspaper Association, was seen as fair, honest and reliable by 61% of the respondents.

However, only 39% of those surveyed said the newspaper was reliable in its reporting, the most of any newspaper in the survey.

The Inquirery found that 55% of people trust newspapers in the PNAS, and 32% said their reporting was trustworthy.

The other newspapers surveyed were the Inquiries, La Nacion, Globe, Daily Star, Manila Bulletin, Metro Manila Daily News, Mindanao Daily News and Metro Manila Evening News.

The previous survey by the Philippines Inquireral in 2017 found that 77% of residents said they would trust newspapers, while 27% said newspapers should remain independent and impartial.

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