How do you know if a coupon is valid?

I received a coupon for a free hotel room at a Holiday Inn Express in the UK and I have to admit that I am not a big fan of hotels.

I love the freebies and the deals that I can get, but the hotel was pretty expensive for a 2-night stay.

After reading a post about how to avoid getting ripped off by hotels, I decided to take a look at the coupon.

I did a little digging and found out that the coupon was valid and that it gave a room for free to anyone who signed up for a 4-night Staycation at a Hotel in the US.

Here’s the full description: Hotel room for $199 + tax.

You must sign up for an event with a hotel.

To do so, follow the steps below.

Sign up for the Staycation on the staycation page.

Complete your booking through the online booking form.

Book a room in the room for the price of $199.95 plus tax.

After you have booked the room, log in to your Staycation account to confirm your booking.

You will be directed to the hotel room number and your hotel reservation number.

You can then print and print the voucher for your hotel room.

Print the voucher and send it to the number on the voucher.

Print a copy of the voucher from the website, mail it to yourself, or bring it to your hotel for you to sign up and be charged.

Your room will be free for 4 nights.

You may cancel the stay at any time.

You cannot cancel the Stayation at any point, but you can cancel the hotel booking at any later time.

After the 4-day stay at the hotel, you will receive a confirmation email with the voucher, which you will need to print out and mail to yourself.

If you print and mail the voucher to yourself and mail it back to the US, you do not have to pay any additional taxes.

If your stay at your hotel was for 4 days or less, you can return it and have your refund processed the next day.

The hotel was not listed on the website as a hotel, so I cannot confirm that the voucher was valid.

I will be checking my listings on TripAdvisor and for other hotel coupon deals that may be available to book.

The coupon does not give the exact hotel name or the number of nights you will get.

You also cannot book a room from a hotel you did not sign up to, or a room with a different room number.

I hope this helps you find an awesome hotel to stay at and get some great deals!

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