Fox Sports: LeBron James on how the Warriors made the Finals

Fox Sports says that LeBron James says that he was shocked to learn that the Golden State Warriors won the NBA Finals. 

I was stunned to hear that, I was shocked by that, because you know, I didn’t think that was possible. 

The thing that shocked me was that, you know what, the Cavs were the ones who were the favorites. 

When they played the Spurs, I remember watching the game, and the Warriors had been so dominant. 

They had a great lead. 

If they had played the Warriors, you don’t think they would have won. 

But they played San Antonio. 

And they had a good team, they played a great team, and they played well. 

That’s what surprised me, the fact that the Cavs played the best team that they had ever played. 

There’s no question. 

A couple of years ago, I would have said that they were a great basketball team. 

This is the first time that they’ve been playing against a team that’s been so great and I mean that in the nicest way. 

It was one of the best Finals that I have ever been a part of, and I think that’s a very good statement, too. 

On LeBron James being the first Cleveland player to be voted Most Valuable Player, “It was great to see a guy that had the ability to be the best that he could be. 

Because I think we have to stay positive. “

But at the same time, you’ve got to make sure that you don`t give up. 

Because I think we have to stay positive. 

We have to keep pushing, we have have to continue to have fun and just be ourselves. 

You know, we`re going to do what we can. 

Don’t get too focused on what people think. 

Just do what you have to do to be successful.” 

On what he would have liked to see from his Cavaliers teammates: “You know what?

I would’ve loved to see some of the guys, like Kyrie Irving, you see the chemistry, you get to know them, you understand their personalities, and you`re seeing the type of guy that they are. 

 “You know the kind of guy I`ve played against. 

Those guys are going to be great. 

So yeah, I know they are, but you know I`m going to go out there and do my best, you guys are, too, and have fun. 

Be yourself. 

Stay humble. 

Keep pushing. 

Always keep the good in your game. 

Get back to work. 

Do whatever you can do to help us win. 

As you know it`s not over until the end.” 

How LeBron James is feeling about the NBA Playoffs, his future with the Cleveland Cavaliers, and what he thinks about the Warriors: “It`s definitely good, man. 

Yeah, I`d love to win again, obviously. 

What`s happened since last year has been really fun.

It`s just been so exciting. 

Everybody has had fun playing for each other, I think.

It was fun last year. 

Myself, I just love winning. 

All of us have been so consistent and I`ll be here, and we`ll just enjoy it and hopefully we can go out and win some championships.” 

What he thinks of the Golden Warriors’ decision to let Andre Iguodala walk: “I think it`d be a shame, man, because they were on their way to winning the NBA Championship, but they have to move on, they`re a long ways away. 

To see him leave that locker room, I don`ts mean that figuratively, but he just left. 

With Andre, they had such a good relationship and so much chemistry, and now he`s gone, it`ll never happen again. 

Andre was a huge part of our success this year.

He was a big part of the team.

He`s been a huge leader on this team, a big guy, and a huge fan. 

From the first day I saw him, he was a fan, and to see him go is a big loss for us, especially because we have so much respect for him. 

Hopefully he can come back, and get his confidence back, so he can go back to his roots and go win a championship again.

“It`ll definitely be a blessing for us to get a championship in front of him, and just see what happens. 

How the Warriors are feeling about their chances: “We`re very excited, because we are still very young. 

Our guys are still developing, we are young, so we`ve got a lot of young talent, and hopefully it works out for us.” James

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