What you need to know about the coronavirus outbreak in Australia

By Chris Cavanagh”Anxiety, fear and desperation are gripping many people in Australia.

In a country where there is no centralised public health authority, there are no medical facilities, no public health experts, no social workers.

As a result, many of us have been exposed to a new strain of the virus.

It is a serious public health issue and is impacting on our lives, health and lives around us.

For many Australians, the situation is far more acute than most of us imagine.

As the world’s largest economy, Australia’s health system has a long history of public service involvement and a reputation for delivering quality care.

But the coronovirus outbreak has put that tradition under serious question, with a significant number of services facing the threat of closure.

The country has more than 500,000 coronaviruses, but just under half of those are circulating in Australia, and most of them are spread through the air.

Australia’s Health Department says the majority of the coronvirus cases are related to people living in the region.

The government has also found that the majority (90 per cent) of people diagnosed with coronaviral disease have not travelled to Australia to see a doctor, and the majority are unaware they have the virus, and are therefore not being tested for it.

The health system is also facing pressure from some within the medical profession to respond more quickly to the pandemic.

Some doctors have called for the coronivirus coronavillosis surveillance scheme to be expanded to cover all coronavireptiviruses.

The ABC’s Dr Andrew Meares reports.


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