How to read the Hebrew

Israel’s top newspaper has published an article to educate the public on Hebrew.The Jerusalem Post is the official Hebrew-language daily of Israel.The article, entitled How to Read the Hebrew, was published in Hebrew on Friday.“This article, and the previous one, which were published a couple of months ago, were aimed at teaching the Hebrew language […]

How to be a superhero: the best way to be an Oklahoman

Oklahoma is in a state of emergency due to a pandemic, but the state has been left with an array of superheroes, many of whom are black and Hispanic.Here are five heroes to know, and watch out for.1.The Black Widow When Tony Stark was a kid, he and his family lived in a house with […]

How to be a good citizen: Why I want to go to the United States

Beeville: This article is about the best of our children.This article has been published in The Times Of India.The Times of Indian, the world’s largest newspaper, is owned by Reliance Industries and is widely read in India.Reliance, India’s largest conglomerate, owns the Times of London.Reliant also owns the Hindustan Times, the largest English-language newspaper in […]

What the hell is going on with the New York Times?

Posted by The Lad on July 22, 2018 02:00:46When a newscast from the New Jersey-based Associated Press newspaper broke on Thursday night that the newspaper’s circulation had dropped by more than 3.4 million in the past year, many in the country took to social media to express their outrage.One of those was a Twitter user […]

China-Pakistan-India border skirmishes escalate amid Iran nuclear deal

The latest skirmishes between India and China in Kashmir and the Pakistani province of Baluchistan have escalated into a full-blown conflict, with both sides accusing the other of violating the ceasefire and launching air attacks.In an article published by the Chinese newspaper, The China Daily, the two countries have escalated their feud in the past […]

Brazil to send 10,000 troops to Venezuela over Hugo Chavez death

Brazil has said it will send 10 more troops to the Venezuelan border after the country’s president was killed, amid reports that the countrys government had ordered troops to shoot at protesters at the countryside.The military operation to protect the president was ordered by President Hugo Chavez, who had called for the troops to come […]

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